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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Cinderella. Go Cinderella.

So you know the song, and I thought "What a great name for a blog!?" Okay, I kept telling myself that one day when i gain the courage, I was going to start blogging. Fearful, no. I just did not have the time to constantly update and review. So what suddenly came over me? My addiction to all things B E A U T Y. I was always known for taking a special interest in my appearance at a young age, and then started to dabble with makeup, Then it grew from just a squeal of satisfaction swiping that satin finished eyeshadow across my eyelid, to having the SA's (Sales Associates) at Bloomingdales asking "Are you back again?". Don't judge me, I'm just simply a young, product crazed adult who has a passion for looking great. So on this exhilarating ride, I will do posts, reviews, and video tutorials from makeup to skincare to haircare. And so on. And please forgive me for starting out taking picks on my BB. A camera will soon be in rotation. So until I swipe that pretty little piece of plastic through that electronic machine giving me an insane total, I will be here, for the meantime. =)  

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