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Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Need A Great Base To Start & Finish the Race.

Okay. At one point of time I was one of those girls completely against using any form of foundation. I used to think that it always made you look almost fake in a way. But that was almost five years or so ago and boy was I wrong hence that I am a foundation whore. I go through a foundation almost as much as I switch my panties (joke...). But I am that annoying customer in Sephora and Bloomingdales who constantly brings back that foundation. There is something always wrong, or perhaps wrong with me? Maybe being an olive colored African-American makes it rather perplexing to find such colors to fit my hue. I get so sick and tired of these SA's (Sales Associates) giving me the wrong color match or formula to fit my oily-combination skin type. Now ladies, we all know that there is nothing worse than stepping out of your house realizing that your two shades lighter or darker after applying your cover up. Now back those of you who swear off of this beauty essential, foundation tends to even out your skintone if you deal with redness or some sort of blemish issue of any kind. Not to mention that it helps boost self confidence! Now I'm not telling you to run out to your local CVS and Walgreens and pick up just any one. Be sure of your skintone and undertones, don't just select a foundation thats red based if you have a yellow undertone. Foundation should look the most natural as if it were your own skin. Also be aware of the type of formula you choose. Girls with oily skin should choose a mattifying formula, while those with dry skin might want to choose a more moisterizing one. In summation, to achieve a flawless everyday face, foundation is the key. If you prefer a look that is way more natural, you can try tinted moisterizers though I personally think that they are better suited for dry skin types. Or even a powder foundation which delivers the lightest coverage when used properly.

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